Transubstantiation with the content I exist in the Origin is a simple and effective way of ascension 


Human existence and functioning is extremely complex. For information in English, I recommend the following: The History of Humanity, Akashic Records, DNA, Health, God, Quantum, Soul, Merkaba, Mastery, Spirit, Love, New Energy, Innate

The Symbol of I exist

The Symbol of I exist

The center of the circle symbolizes the unmanifest source - it makes existence possible. 

The First Manifestation is symbolized by the white circle around the Source, - thus defining itself: 'I exist'. 

The Origin is the unity of the Source and the First Manifestation, - everything comes from it, everything is built up from it. 

Lemniscats ( ∞s ) indicate the multidimensionality and infinity (eternity) of life. 

The golden yellow background indicates our current stage, which is a time of awakening, enlightenment and the possibility of ascension. 

The purple circle symbolizes Completeness - The circle is a simplification, because it is physically impossible to represent a multidimensional, toroidal shape. 

It follows from the above that Totality is a 99.999999999...% multidimensional, harmonious, loving unity of conscious information and energy.


In the following, when I use the terms consciousness... and wholeness, I mean both as a harmonious, loving unity of multidimensional, conscious information and energy. 

When I use the term transsubstantiation on its own, I mean the content of I exist in the Origin. 

Suggestion: before you start practising transubstantiation, familiarise yourself as much as you need to in the Basics section. 

The transubstantiation 

The essence of transsubstantiation is what many call the dimensional shift, ascension, vibrational shift, or shift in consciousness that is taking place in our present age. 

The content of transubstantiation: I exist in the Origin

It is important that the transition is easy and free of other intentions and expectations. 


The Origin is incomprehensible to the human mind and perceptual system, so the transubstantiation is at first only a flash. The experience and awareness of the subsequent breakthrough usually lasts between 1-2 seconds and 1-2 minutes. The after-effect lasts for an individual time. 


It is also possible to manifest in transubstantiation. Below are some recommended, which can be used at your discretion and extended as required. 

- I exit in Love - of paramount importance  

- I exist in the Wholeness  

- I exist in Creation 

- I exist in Creation 

- I exist in abundance 

- I exist in balance 

- I exist in unity 

- I exist in compassion 

- I exist in cooperation 

- I exist in harmony - of paramount importance 

- I exist in renewal - of paramount importance in our times   

- I exist in joy 


In the one who is undergoing transubstantiation awareness-raising is taking place - a more active, balanced cooperation between all parts. 

The one who is undergoing trasubstantiation far exceeds the level at which the problems in your life arise, which is why it becomes possible to deal with them effectively. 

With persistence, resistance is strengthened, so bacteria and viruses have less or no effect on the body. 

Inner perception and inner intuition are heightened. 

Inner knowledge and skills gradually become available.  

Inner peace, calmness and balance are strengthened, compassion and tolerance increase. 

If there are body-mind complaints, their resolution and clearing is accelerated - even complete healing can occur. 

Fixed, patterned ways of functioning are loosened, flexibility is created, - the capacity for change is strengthened. 

The resulting change in quality and functioning has a positive impact not only on the one who is undergoing trasubstantiation and its immediate environment, but also far beyond... 


- Why is it important? 

- We are living in an era of awakening, enlightenment, the possibility of ascension. Humanity will not be uplifted, each one of us will have to transcend the limits and paradigms of the past. - A series of individual changes will generate a change in the functioning of humanity as a whole. 

For how long?

- How long should you practice? 

- Consistent practice is recommended, i.e. several times a day. Continuous practice, several times a day, is the way to achieve steady-state adaptability. 

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- What does the practitioner experience? 

- It's completely individual. At first it is perceived as a flash, because that is all human perception allows. After the flash, a process called transference takes place, when it permeates all levels and ranges of the practitioner. This latter stage is the part of the process that is closer to the physical and is more easily perceived. You can ask for a slow-motion replay of what has just taken place.- Over many, many practices, the perceptual system refines, becoming more perceptive of that which is inarticulate. I recommend that you feel the effects of the trasubstantiation and the changes, because this is a way of developing perception and expanding awareness. 


Patterns that are inherited, brought at birth, learned, created or inherited from others help us to navigate and function, but if they become fixed into a rigid template, they can also limit us. 

By transforming patterns, eliminating them or creating new ones, a harmonious, loving life can be achieved. 

Frequently asked questions

Dissatisfaction, anger, rage, fear, burnout... not only damages the person in whom it is operating, but also disrupts human relationships. It is worth transforming them into peace, cooperation, balance, security, creativity… 

Lack of love is present in many people's lives, despite the fact that love is the basis of existence. It is worth living it: I exist in Love. 

Disease. If a person's consciousness is already altered to the extent that it is causing physical symptoms and changes, then a dual approach is appropriate. The first is to understand and change the patterns that cause it, and with it the second is to experience the normalization of biological functioning. 

The practice of self-care 

Step one: transubstantiation. 

Step two: if you have a hunch you need some kind of manifestation 

Step three: self-care, which is the conscious experience of something or a change in something. Pure intention is recommended as a basic attitude. 

The combined duration of the three steps is about 5-10 seconds, with the intention of letting go for as long as necessary. 

It is impossible to list the patterns: 

- activate, 

- transforming, 

- closure, release, 

- increasing, reducing, 

- eradication, 

- creating... possible. 

Inner intuition is very helpful in knowing what and how to care for in order to live an orderly, harmonious, loving life. 

For how long? 

- How long should I maintain a pattern? 

- As long as the realisation is created and sustained. 


Effective care of anything, for anyone, is possible.

The practice of care 

Step one: transubstantiation. 

Step two: if you have a hunch you need some kind of manifestation  

Step three: the orientation, which is to support something or someone. The basic orientation should be one of pure intention, free of any intention to influence or control. 

The combined duration of the three steps is about 5-10 seconds, with the intention of letting go for as long as necessary. 


A supportive orientation towards the cared-for person is appropriate, which involves only supportive intentions on the part of the carer, without direction. Basic attitude: I support you in what you need to settle. 

I'll use a metaphor to illustrate the importance of this: when we care for a seed, we give it a growing, water it and provide it with the necessary light. By default, the caretaker does not want to determine what the seed becomes, how it develops. - This is also the case for the cared-for, because the cared-for knows exactly what and how is right for him and for those in relationship with him, he needs the right medium to settle, and this is facilitated by direction. 

Apart from the rare exceptions, it is usually right for the carer to let go neutrally and move on after the referral, because the rest of the process takes place in the catalysing environment with the cooperation of the Origin and the cared-for person. 

Commitment to transubstantiation 

With enough practice and the right level of awareness, it is possible to make anyone/anything udergo transubstantiation. Then the care is more intense. 

Catalyst medium 

As a result of the orientation, or commitment to transubstantiation, a catalytic medium is created that serves to bring about the right order. 


How long the care will last cannot be known in advance. In some cases a single session may be enough, in others continuous care over several sessions may be necessary. 

Your gut feeling helps you find the right match. 

Cooperation of the carer 

If the carer asks for and accepts care, it will be more effective. Basically, it is up to the cared-for person to decide what kind of transformation will take place in the catalytic medium. 

I would like to point out that it can often be perceived unspokenly that someone/something is asking for help, support… 

In the Origin there is no space and time, so any age, any size, any area and any context can be cared for. 


By teaming up with one or more acquaintances, it makes sense to come together and care for the same content, or to focus on the self-care of others, because it will be more powerful and effective. 

If you are already familiar with and apply what is described, it is a good idea to recommend this page to your friend and then practice together. 


The description was created so that self-transubstantiation, self-care and care can be practiced independently. 

Simultaneous transubstantiations 

Simultaneous crossing every Sunday at 17h, to be carried out wherever you are, at a time in your own time zone. 

Content: I exist in the Origin

In the case of simultaneous transitions, it is also worth supplementing with related content, self-care and care on an individual basis. 

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Closing words 

The description is intentionally metaphorical and in places concise, as a "springboard" to higher content and awareness. 

With friendship, 

Andrássy TamásTamás Andrássy 


Note: The description may change as experience and discussions further refine it. I recommend that you visit it periodically and study it again. - Repeated, transparent study will help you to understand more and more precisely what is really indescribable.