Transubstantiation - I exist in the Origin

Transubstantiation with the content I exist in the Origin is a simple and effective way of ascension 


Human existence and functioning is extremely complex. For information in English, I recommend the following: Akashic Records, DNA, Health, God, Quantum, Soul, Merkaba, Mastery, Spirit, Love, New Energy, Innate

The Symbol of I exist

The Symbol of I exist

The center of the circle symbolizes the unmanifest source - it makes existence possible. 

The First Manifestation is symbolized by the white circle around the Source, - thus defining itself: 'I exist'. 

The Origin is the unity of the Source and the First Manifestation, - everything comes from it, everything is built up from it. 

Lemniscats ( ∞s ) indicate the multidimensionality and infinity (eternity) of life. 

The golden yellow background indicates our current stage, which is a time of awakening, enlightenment and the possibility of ascension. 

The purple circle symbolizes Completeness - The circle is a simplification, because it is physically impossible to represent a multidimensional, toroidal shape. 

It follows from the above that Totality is a 99.999999999...% multidimensional, harmonious, loving unity of conscious information and energy.


In the following, when I use the terms consciousness... and wholeness, I mean both as a harmonious, loving unity of multidimensional, conscious information and energy. 

When I use the term transsubstantiation on its own, I mean the content of I exist in the Origin. 

Suggestion: before you start practising transubstantiation, familiarise yourself as much as you need to in the Basics section.